Managing Social Media Use: Whither Social Media Guidelines in News Organizations?

IMS-ers Michaël Opgenhaffen and Leen d’Haenens recently published an article on social media use by news media in the International Journal on Media Management.

Fears exist that social media use by news media and journalists may affect basic journalistic tenets such as objectivity, gatekeeping, and transparency. As a result, more and more news media organizations are issuing guidelines to manage employee use of social media. In this article we discuss the complex relationship of a selection of market-leading news media organizations with prescribed use of social media. Applying content analysis to 12 existing social media guidelines, we elaborate on the various types of rules linked with the basic principles of journalism. A key intention of this research is to provide insights for media management and journalism scholars to better understand the use of social media by journalists and the implementation of guidelines by media organizations. More practically, this article can aid media organizations who are shaping their own set of rules regarding use of social media by their staff.

Source: International Journal on Media Management, Volume 17, issue 4, 2015, pp. 201-216.




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