Unveiling Culturally Diverse Markets


Involved researcher: Joyce Koeman

In November 2013 IGI Global will release “Transcultural Marketing for Incremental and Radical Innovation”.  Joyce Koeman wrote a chapter about cultural variability among Flemish youth – “Unveiling Culturally Diverse Markets: A Typology of Youth in Flanders, Belgium”.

Although culture is often recognized as a multi-leveled construct, it is mostly examined at the macro (national) level, for instance by cross-national comparisons on specific cultural dimensions. Consequently, the heterogeneity within culturally diverse societies, such as Flanders is often overlooked. Therefore this study examines cultural variability among ethnic minority and majority youngsters in Flanders at the personal level, by mapping their personal values and self-construals. Doing so, a typology of a culturally diverse youth market is formed, based on the similarities and differences in the personal values and self-construals among ethnic minority and majority youngsters. This typology is used to examine the advertising beliefs and attitudes of distinct subgroups and to assess the relevance of values and self-construals for both advertising research and the emerging practices of ethnic and diversity marketing.


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