Joyce Koeman talks media use & ethnic minorities at EuroPCom2012


Involved researcher: Joyce Koeman

Prof. Joyce Koeman and journalist Asma Ould Aissa are setting the scene in an international workshop on communication with ethnic citizens at the EuroPCom2012 conference hosted by the European Parliament. During this two day conference (Oct. 17th and 18th) communication managers and senior experts from local, regional, national and European authorities will share their strategic insights and practical experience in a very topical debate: how to (re)connect with citizens?

The role of the economic crisis in European citizens’ trust is addressed in a key-note session, other topics involve specific communication tools such als social media or focus on segments of citizens such as younger and older generations.

One specific session deals with how to adress and reach an increasingly multi-ethnic population and focuses on the advantages and pittfals of an inclusive communication strategy in comparison to tailored communication efforts catering for an ethnic audience. Joyce Koeman provides an academic perspective, whereas Asma Ould Aissa adds some good practices from a professional point of view. However, both emphasize the value of ethnic participation in policy, research and communication at all levels.

When? 17 October

Where? European Parliament

Who? The event is an initiative of the EU Committee of the Regions. Full conference programme


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