Wannes Ribbens, Yorick Poels and Gertjan Lamotte write Top Paper


Involved researchers: Wannes Ribbens, Yorick Poels & Gertjan Lamotte

 During the 61st edition of the International Communication Association congres, which took place in Boston from 26 until 30 May 2011, Wannes Ribbens (Centre for Mediaculture and Communicationtechnology), Yorick Poels (Centre for User Experience Research) and Gertjan Lamotte (Master in de Communications Sciences) presented a Top Paper within the Games Studies Interest Group. The paper, entitled “Fail with Honour or win by cheating? A qualitative and quantitative exploration of cheaters’ motivations in online multiplayer games”, will soon appear as a chapter in the book Vice City Virtue (Poels & Malliet, upcoming) which compiles contributions about morality in video games. Here you can find more information about this paper.

Cheaten is intrinsically connected to the modern gaming-industry. ALthough cheating can endanger the success and existence of a game and the fact that cheaten could be branded by other players as immoral, little is known about the incentives of cheaters and the contect in which they regard it as justified or at least acceptable. In the paper a framework is drawn in which the context and motivations of cheating is described and underpinned with the aid of qualitative and kwantitative data.


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